The Fight for Federal Protection Against Discrimination

With all these Ferguson protests, the LGBT community wants a civil rights bill to protect them from discrimination in housing, education, work, healthcare facilities as mentioned on MSNBC. LGBT rights and civil rights groups have been working for the past few months writing up a proposal for a bill to get federal protection against discrimination. The bill will be introduced in the upcoming Spring. It can take a decade for the for government to extend civil rights to the LGBT community.

It is astonishing that in the 21st century it can still take a decade for a group of people to be granted their civil rights, especially since the United States already went through a couple rights movements. Thirty five states have legalized gay marriage, but only 29 states prohibit discrimination against sexual orientation. This means there are thousands of people losing their jobs and housing because the federal government has yet to protect these people under the Civil Rights Act. Government officials need to be more proactive and cooperative so that the LGBT community doesn’t have to wait another decade or so to live in peace.


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