The LGBT Community is Under Attack in Russia

Ever since Russian authorities passed an anti-gay propaganda law in the summer of 2013, the amount of persecutions against the LGBT community have increased according to CNN. As the author of the CNN article mentions, the anti-gay propaganda law prohibits the promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations around minors.” There has been an increase in harassment and violence against people in the LGBT community since the law was put into effect. People have been beaten, attacked, humiliated, and threatened. These attacks don’t even get reported to the police because victims don’t believe that the police will investigate or help them.

One LGBT activist reported his attack to the police and an police officer told him that because he’s gay it is normal that he was attacked, and questioned him why he would even report it to the police. President Putin has addressed that even though Russia strives to promote traditional families, no one should face discrimination because they do not adhere to the traditional family image.

The first thing that stopped me in my tracks is the anti-gay propaganda law. I do not understand why exposing minors to gay rights and relationships would be harmful to them in anyway. Perhaps the authorities view LGBT topics as a threat to the traditional family unit. Exposing minors to LGBT ideas has no affect on the number of LGBT people in the country. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered comes from feelings that people have and their natural preferences, not from being exposed to other LGBT people. People need to stop treating this as something contagious.

Another thing that is absolutely horrific is that this law actually promotes discrimination and homophobia, which is evident in the increase of attacks. What is even more disturbing is that the people who are supposed to be protecting people don’t do anything to help LGBT hate crime victims. I hope President Putin is working on ways to prohibit discrimination and violence against the LGBT community. One of the things that should be on his agenda is to get rid of that law, if he truly wants to end discrimination.


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