How the LGBT Community is Treated in Egypt

Two men got sentenced to three years in prison for getting married in Egypt according to CNN. More specifically they got arrested for “distributing pornographic material” despite homosexuality not being illegal in Egypt. Even though it is not illegal many LGBT people get arrested for pornography, prostitution, and debauchery. Because people are afraid of getting arrested they often do not come out about their identity or sexual orientation. To secure evidence against the arrested or to find others in the LGBT community, the police make people go through their pictures, contacts, and social media sites to dig up information. Police even go as far as joining applications like Grindr to single out LGBT members.

Not only are people being arrested, but they get charged even if there is no evidence of the actions they are being accused of. Members of the LGBT community hope to see an organization that will advocate for LGBT rights, but the organization needs to be accepted by the government for any advocacy to be truly successful.

The issue is that nobody wants to talk or hear about LGBT issues outside of the LGBT community, especially in a country that is heavy populated with Muslims and Christians, which both condemn homosexuality. It’s difficult to come up with laws to establish LGBT rights and protect these people from arrest if people do not want to start the conversation. That is why I also hope that an organization will be created in Egypt to get the ball rolling and get all people talking about LGBT rights. The police department in Egypt also needs to establish boundaries for police officers. Making people go through their phones and purposefully going after LGBT members on applications like Grindr is known as harassment. The police should be protecting the public and not pick on innocent people, especially since homosexuality is not prohibited in Egypt. The government needs to take charge to establish Egypt as an accepting and supportive country, not one that avoids the issues.


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