Diversity at Hogwarts

To all the Harry Potter fans out there, J.K. Rowling has confirmed that LGBT students attended Hogwarts, as seen on the Daily News. The author also revealed that Hogwarts actually contained people from all groups except Wiccans. Fans of the series have been questioning the author about the diversity at Hogwarts and she responded to them via Twitter.

I think it is great that Hogwarts did in fact contain students from all sorts of communities, including the LGBT community. The issue I have is that if people need to ask the author if all these people existed in the books, then no group was really well represented because no one knew they were there. Sure the author could have claimed that almost every group was present in Hogwarts but these groups were not showcased for the readers to be able to tell that they actually existed in the series. The Harry Potter movies really broadcast racial diversity, I just would have liked for the whole series to promote sexual diversity and just all kinds of diversity in general. There were so many characters that played prominent roles in the books that it could have been easily done.